Countertop Installation Process

The first step is to template your countertop. A template is a life-sized replica of your new counter top which we create in your home. We can template over your existing counter tops so you will not be without a kitchen while we are fabricating your new tops. We will schedule an Installation about two weeks after your template depending on availability of the stone. We can remove and discard of your existing counter tops for an additional charge.

Installation includes the following: Installing Your Sink(s) if they are apron-front or undermount. We will glue your Seam(s) and fill gaps at walls and cabinets. Make minor Structural adjustments to your cabinets if necessary. Clean up after ourselves, including trash removal and polishing the stone.

We will NOT do any of the following:

  • Attach your faucet, soap dispenser, or any other accessories.
  • Plumb anything sink, faucet, or otherwise.
  • Attach your dishwasher or touch electrical or gas, disconnect or reconnect. We are not insured or licensed for this.

We need you to do the following: Make sure there is clear, unobstructed and safe path for us to carry the stone into your home. If there is construction, or ice and snow it MUST be cleared before we arrive. Keep in mind that each piece of stone can weigh up to several hundred pounds! Remove all contents of your base cabinets and sink base, as we will need access to them.

Allow A Few Hours for the install to take place.

shaker hill granite countertop installation